Fall 2022:

I don’t know about you all, but I am ready for some color back in the flower fields! The hot days of summer can really make you wish for the cool temperatures of the fall, but once you are here then you want the warm days of summer with the beautiful blooms! We can never be content! That is ok, having something to look forward to makes each day better than the last. The fall and winter are the perfect time to decide what flowers you want in your garden for the Spring. Our Farm is located in zone 7b, which means we are hot and humid most of the growing season. This also means that we have a longer growing season then some of the other zones. Use this to your advantage. When you are deciding what flower to have in your garden, pick a variety that will grow at different time of the season, that way you have as many flowers as possible for as long as the weather holds. For example; if you are looking for some color as soon as possible, then fall plant early blooming tulips and daffodils. There are so many varieties of each that can appeal to almost everyone. Keep your eye out when shopping this holiday season, there are sure to be amazing deals and with a little bit of effort you can grow something beautiful too! Happy Planning!