Sustainable. Organically grown.
Family focused.

The Family Behind the Farm

Ron, a fifth generation farmer, and his wife Brandi always had a dream of raising their children on a farm. Ron wanted to give them the same experiences that he had growing up on his own family's farm. They found exactly what they were looking for just right down the road - a farm that had been vacant for over fifteen years. Bramble Creek Farms was born. This farm will be more than the place they live. Ron and Brandi hope that the families they serve will have peace of mind in knowing that the Bramble Creek Farms produce is organic and pesticide-free. The cattle are grass fed and the eggs come from free-range chickens.

You can read about their family adventures here.

from our farm to your table

For our most recent offerings at the farm and the Woodstock Farmers Market, please check our News section.

Organically grown produce

 We farm using sustainable organic principles and practices. We don’t use petroleum-based fertilizers or pesticides.

Pastured free-range eggs and poultry

We let chickens be chickens. You can find them out in the sun pecking and scratching. In return, they give us the healthiest, best-tasting eggs you’ve ever tried.

Our meat chickens receive the same treatment. They are pasture-raised and moved daily to a new section of grass and bugs. They live a stress-free life.

Grass-fed beef with no hormones

 Our cattle are truly grass-fed. They are moved from paddock to paddock to fresh grass daily.  They will never be given hormones or steroids. If we wouldn’t give it to our own family, we wouldn’t give it to yours.

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